EU Codeweek Organizers

We are EU Codeweek organizers! All our activities that involve coding, robotics, ICT and other technologies are EU Codeweek 2022 events. We do this because we firmly believe in the importance of coding and deep technological learning to foster creativity. And also, if we want our pupils to build a sustainable future, they must understand how technology can be used towards a better planet. Our Sustainable Coding for a Future for All workshop with our friends from all the schools involved in the project was approved as a EU Codeweek 2022 event.

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EU Code Week Certificate

As part of the meeting that took part in Portugal, some workshops were devoloped to take all participants into the world of educational technology. During the meet, we've worked with 3D modeling and printing, and Coding on Mobile devices. These sessions were also a part of the EU Code Week initiative, as the Sustainable Coding @ Erasmus event.

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Sustainability… in 3D

For the past month, pupils from 5H class at AE Venda do Pinheiro have been hard at work on their final projects in ICT class. The challenge? Pick one of the technologies they previously learned during the classes (coding, 3D, text processing and some AI) and develop an individual project. The theme? Sustainability. Here are the 3D results: Erasmus Sustainabilty by aevp on Sketchfab These were modeled using on android tablets and mobile phones. Very cool, for a bunch of ten year olds. Check our 3D projects at Sketchfab: Erasmus Sustainability.

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