Sharing Stories

During the week that the Erasmus AEVP team was in Greece, there was time to share good practices and learn from each other. We are all Europeans, different cultures, but it is much more what brings us together, than what separates us.One of the good things in Portugal is the fact that there is the job of a Teacher Librarian, which doesn't happen in the other partners' countries of this Erasmus project. So, it was very good to have the opportunity to show a little bit of the work of a Teacher Librarian in Portugal, and in particular in our school, with Greek students and some teachers of other nationalities, sharing a story of the Portuguese oral tradition. The students, besides being very good listeners and having an excellent level of English, also made great questions and interventions. These were very enjoyable moments. We all gained…

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Hello world moments.

Workshop Coding and Arts

On the 14th of June, as part of the activities of the Erasmus A Future for All project, we held a workshop to introduce creative programming. We used Python programming in Imagi Charms, introducing coding and programming concepts as artistic expression.

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Visit to Olkusz

Between the 24th and 28th of April, the Venda do Pinheiro School Group participated in the penultimate meeting of the Eramus+ Sustainability: A Future for All project. This meeting was hosted by the Polish school partner in this project, Szkoła Podstawowa n.º 1 im. M. Kopernika, in the town of Olkusz. Representing the Group were three teachers, accompanying four ninth grade students. Regarding these, in addition to participating in the week's activities, it was also up to introduce Portugal to the project partners, as well as, in the case of the students who attend the group's robotics club, to promote a creative programming workshop in Python with imagiCharms, for the participating students. These included Greek, Italian, Turkish children, and a class of Polish pupils. The way the students got involved in these activities, presenting and representing the country, or teaching colleagues from other countries to…

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EU Codeweek Organizers

We are EU Codeweek organizers! All our activities that involve coding, robotics, ICT and other technologies are EU Codeweek 2022 events. We do this because we firmly believe in the importance of coding and deep technological learning to foster creativity. And also, if we want our pupils to build a sustainable future, they must understand how technology can be used towards a better planet. Our Sustainable Coding for a Future for All workshop with our friends from all the schools involved in the project was approved as a EU Codeweek 2022 event.

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