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Hello world moments.

Workshop Coding and Arts

On the 14th of June, as part of the activities of the Erasmus A Future for All project, we held a workshop to introduce creative programming. We used Python programming in Imagi Charms, introducing coding and programming concepts as artistic expression.

Sometimes, good coincidences happen. On this day, in Portugal, the teaching activities for our students ended. And also in Greece. The Greek class participating in this activity ended its school year with one last ICT class, learning creative programming in Python using imagiCharms. Poor students, we thought, instead of being out there enjoying their last day as students at this school, they’re locked in with us learning how to program. But they didn’t even want to go to the break, and we could see that they didn’t want to end the session. The ruckos of last class quickly turned to excitement.

It was a good moment of sharing, in a class taught at four hands (I haven’t worked with a pedagogical pair for many years). Opening the limits of individual creativity is the most important thing. Whether with programming and computational thinking, or with more traditional plastic approaches, they all have value. A huge thank you to Professor Pinelopi Kostogianni, the project’s Greek coordinator, for having created space in a challenging program, to the IT teacher Sofia Kefala for opening the doors of her classroom and accepting the challenge of such a class, and to the ImagiLabs team for offer of small gifts for these students, so enthusiastic and smiling. I was told that I was smiling during this session. How not to smile? Is there anything better than crossing art and technology?

Similar to sessions in previous mobilities of this project, this workshop was a Codeweek 2023 event.

These Erasmus things have a lottery feel to them, there may or may not be other opportunities. This one that ends now started from the challenge of teacher Ana Reis, and what is most constructive are these moments. Share among colleagues, share with students, learn and teach. We share here the support materials, translated into Greek with the help of teacher Sofia Kefala: Coding with Charms (GR).

See some imagens from this event in this gallery: