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AI and Art Workshop

Hearing wow! in Castilian it is different, but no less rewarding. As part of the program of activities at the Erasmus + A Future For All project, we organized a workshop dedicated to digital technologies. The theme was Artificial Intelligence, explored as a creation tool using mobile devices. Students in two fifth grade classes at CEIP Gloria Fuertes were able to experiment with creating images through text and image prompts. A necessarily short but fun moment, where students from the robotics club at AE Venda do Pinheiro helped their Spanish colleagues to experiment and discover this technology. In a fun way, we hope, but challenging to question what Artificial Intelligence is, and what it’s for. This was an EU Codeweek 2022 activity: Taller Arte con Inteligencia Artificial.

A special heartfelt thanks to teachers Macarena Parra, Spanish coordinator and teachers of one of the classes, Maria Luquiño and Gema Pacheco, for accepting the challenge, opening the door to their classes, and all the support provided. Gracias!


What is artificial intelligence? What can we do with her?

Well, very quickly, artificial intelligence is not machines that think like we do. They don’t dream, they don’t imagine.

But they are complex algorithms that do one thing very well: analyze a lot of data, and generate results. And that allows us to do a lot, from recommending movies to cameras that recognize who we are.

In this challenge, the goal is to use Artificial Intelligence to create art. The algorithm is our brush, and we’re going to use it as we would a pencil.

The algorithm is not an artist. You will create art, using artificial intelligence.

How does this application work? Conjugates two algorithms. One is able to interpret the words. Another knows artistic styles. With the two together, we can give them sentences and images, and the algorithm tries to interpret and generate drawings.

The most important? Have fun!