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Erasmus Meet Seville: Portuguese View

We returned tired, but with a warm hear, from our project’s meet at CEIP Gloria Fuertes. It was an intense week, full of wonderful moments, friendship, and amazing learning experiences. From may 20 to 27, a group of six pupils and three teachers from Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro travelled to Seville, to participate in this meeting.

For the students, it was an amazing experience. Being hosted by local families gave them the feel of how it’s like to live in Spain, to be spanish, and andalucian. This goes deep into the Erasmus spirit, to understand our european commun culture and heritage, and bypass national differences by deeply understanding our european partners and friends. Our students learned and experienced a lot during the programmed activties. They visited our hosts classes, got to know the rich heritage of the cities of Seville and Dos Hermanas, as well as the natural beauty of Laguna del Rey. This rich experience will stay with them for a lifetime. Making friends, connecting with another nations, and gaining an european view of the need for sustainability for a better future were the primary objectives of this meet, and judging by our pupils reactions, they were outstanding.

These projects quickly evolve from the strictly professional to friendships. That’s the view from our teachers. We learned a lot and gained new ideas by sharing experiences with our partners, But, after all this time, we feel that we are more than partners, fostering a feeling of friendship across national boundaries. Because, in the end, it’s the people that count, not the technologies. Our european bond is reinforced through friendship.

With the efforts of an EU Codeweek leading teacher amongst the Portuguese Team, this project became also a part of the EU-wide Codeweek movement. Our meet was also a Codeweek Activity, with a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Art where spanish and visitant students were able to experiment with AI to create art. A special heartfelt thanks to teachers Macarena Parra, Spanish coordinator and teachers of one of the classes, Maria Luquiño and Gema Pacheco, for accepting the challenge, opening the door to their classes, and all the support they provided. Gracias!

This intense and wonderful week of learning and sharing was enabled by the oustanding work of the spanish partners, coordinated by Macarena Parra. Her and her team made a tremendous effort to welcome us and provide a rich learning evironment. It was an outstanding job, done by amazing people.

This feeling of welcome extends to the whole CEIP Gloria Fuertes educationa community. While there, we felt a tremendous bond between parents, students, teachers and local government. A school is, first and foremost, the center for a learning community, and Dos Hermanas has shown us what is possible when the bonds are strong. More than just an educational community, CEIP Gloria Fuertes is a community of affections, of friendship and a common effort by all, working to ensure a better future for their children. Witnessing this community was a fantastic lesson on what can be done in terms of connecting schools with their communities.

We’ve returned to Portugal tired, but similing and enriched. Deep thanks to our hosts and all the other partners for this rich experience!