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Art and Coding Workshop – Olkusz

On April 24, our challenge was to carry out an introductory coding workshop, integrated within the activities of the Erasmus A Future for All project.The session took place at the host school Mikołaja Kopernika in Olkuzs, Poland.

Our a goal was to write a creative program in Python, using mobile devices and ImagiCharms. During the session, the participants were challenged to program pixel art in Python, after which they could visualize the results on our Charms.

The session was planned and dynamized by the students of the robotics club of Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro, who were responsible for the materials of apoio and taught, in English, the group of participants from different nations. They prepared a presentation to teach how to work with the Charms and the programming app, as well as developed exercises for the participants to code.

This session was designed for a small group of students, but the room filled up with a large group, which caused some constraints. Most of the partiipants coded their pixel art, but only some were able to visualize the result of the program in Charm. Most of those present experimented with programming, but only a few were able to experience the most fun of this approach, viewing the program’s result in Charm. Despite this, the session was dynamic and fun, and our students are to be congratulated for their effort. This workshop was also an EU Codeweek 2023 Event.