Going back to school, Sept’2021

Dear partners, Today I had a meeting with my Erasmus team(photo) to coordinate the activities to be carried out by partners during September 2021. I also take the opportunity to introduce my supporting team at my school- really hard-working teachers!

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Sustainable holidays

Dear partners, I really wish you all and your students a sustainable safe holiday- my students are already on holidays and looking forward to seeing you all and continue working next school year-please keep in touch and hoping the Covid-19 problems will be over soon-regards-Edwin Caraballo-warm greetings from Poland.

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Sustainability… in 3D

For the past month, pupils from 5H class at AE Venda do Pinheiro have been hard at work on their final projects in ICT class. The challenge? Pick one of the technologies they previously learned during the classes (coding, 3D, text processing and some AI) and develop an individual project. The theme? Sustainability. Here are the 3D results: Erasmus Sustainabilty by aevp on Sketchfab These were modeled using 3DC.io on android tablets and mobile phones. Very cool, for a bunch of ten year olds. Check our 3D projects at Sketchfab: Erasmus Sustainability.

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Decalogue of sustainability

Dear partners, My students did this wonderful work about pollution in cities and what we should do to save our planet as a Decalogue to follow. I give you the link to display it to your students. Please give me feedback. Thank you- remain in touch please:) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M8O9RvgZ0Wk4Wa9vIWKd65UpQN6iZSEH/view?usp=sharing

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Dissemination results

Dear partners, Yesterday, I held a meeting with local teachers from the Olkusz community in order to disseminate the results of our projects and an example of good practice sharing. The participants were extremely interested in all the aspects of the project(applying, partners search, activities, evaluation, reporting, etc). Some of them have their children attending our school, so this was very helpful as they were already familiar with the project. I'm sending you some photos of the dissemination meeting and recommend you as an interesting/effective way to share our results around. If you have any question about this event please don't hesitate to ask any question. Hoping to see you soon during our next project management meeting! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y4EZiy-rCKXr7qQ4thMv4qTmGGLbaOro/view?usp=sharing

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Project banner for the community

Dear partners, At last,  I am sending you the updated banner which is located at the school entrance, so that could be visible to school visitors and the local community. It was also shown to parents. We included the logos and some changes making it more expressive. Thank you to the Italian partners for designing it- perfect work! Regards and warm hugs from cold Poland! You can look at it on the eTwinning platform.

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Custodians of Wonders

For we are the custodians of our planet. What wonders does nature reserve us? And what damages are we doing due to our carelessness and pollution? The portuguese students are contributing to a collaborative Padlet, in wich they share their own photos of wonderful places, or traces of lack of care. Check them out here:

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Get to know us!

To get to know a little more of our project's participant schools. visit the school pages. Let's give you a hint of what you can find there, shall we? Guess where is this school? One hint: it's portuguese. Videos, 360º photos and other content, because this project is as much about sustainability as connecting europeans.

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March 2021 online partner meeting

Today(23 March 2021), we had an online meeting to discuss the activities to be carried out according to the time line of the project. Each partner school will elaborate a digital work (canvas, PowerPoint, etc) dealing with the pollution issue(water, air, soil) and will share it using a Padlet board with the partners. We also decided to have the children create their own stories about pollution using an app for it(e.g., storyjumper). These stories w(ill be shared and studied/commented by other partners and students. We also talked about the current difficulties we are coping with mobilities and plans for the future and some changes. We consolidated all the activities carried out at our schools so far in spite of the pandemia which is keeping our schools closed. This piece of information is aimed at those who couldn't attend this meeting. If any question please feel…

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10 Things…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkR562JPdO0 10 Things you might want to know about us. A short video to show all our pupils something about Portugal. Ten uis just the beginning. And remember, all together, we change the future.

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