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Laboratori di riciclo creativo. Pubblicazione di tutorial

This activity was carried out in Izmir from 31 October to 4 November. The participants were trained on how to teach recycling at school and how to make the process enjoyable and attractive for the students. They had the opportunity to get to know the local culture and traditions. The hosting teachers and families were extremely hospitable. They also improved their language skills. It was really sad to say goodbye. Let's hope we will soon meet in Poland. It was a very fruitful meeting!

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Christmas decorations out of recycled materials

Dear partners - as part of the local activities planned for December 2022, our students made Christmas decorations out of thrush and plastic. These items were sold among the local community to support some charity actions. Some ornaments were really incredible and were sold immediately.Our students showed some unique creativity while designing them. We hope you can copy these good practices when carrying out these activities in the future-Wish you all a sustainable New year!

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School Compost Corner

Today 9/12/22 we created the compost corner in our garden. The students told the class about the compost some of them have in their gardens. Though very young students, they already know about compost and why it is so important to grow plants. They had a lot of fun and learned a lot from this activity- Congratulation class 1a!

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Mobile Gardens

Last week, our students carried out an activity called Mobile Gardens. They had the opportunity to show their creativity and fantasy while designing their dream gardens. Models were created and decorated the corridors of our school. They worked in groups and really had a great time. Some of their parents were involved in these fantastic actions.

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Sevilla meeting

[08:13, 11.05.2022] Talip : [08:16, 11.05.2022] Talip: Hi guys. I hope you are all exciting about Seville. I prepare a padlet for your and your students comments about sevilla and Spain.

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EU Codeweek Organizers

We are EU Codeweek organizers! All our activities that involve coding, robotics, ICT and other technologies are EU Codeweek 2022 events. We do this because we firmly believe in the importance of coding and deep technological learning to foster creativity. And also, if we want our pupils to build a sustainable future, they must understand how technology can be used towards a better planet. Our Sustainable Coding for a Future for All workshop with our friends from all the schools involved in the project was approved as a EU Codeweek 2022 event.

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