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THE PRODUCTS CAN BE USED FROM THE FOLLOWING LINKS: LINEA DEL TEMPO Creation of the timeline (by the Italian school) inspired by the Pert grid, was a project management tool used to visually represent the planning of the project itself. It is a network diagram that establishes the entire timeline of the project, including the tasks and the various stages divided into Didactic Learning Units, with the activities planned for the two years of the project, printed in large dimensions, and has been posted on the exhibition corner of the project of all the partner schools, in order to make the path of the project known. The timeline therefore also had educational purposes useful to students, teachers and families. BROCHURE DEL PROGETTO IN ITALIANO ED INGLESE With the brochure we wanted to spread the word on a large scale that this project was underway…


Summary presentation of the entire educational and didactic path of the project

Dissemination of a summary presentation of the entire educational and didactic path of the project with the aim of disseminating and disseminating the results of the project. This product was created in collaboration with all the schools in the partnership.

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Creation of the second part of the LDU 6

“Follow the flowers, sow butterflies”: this is the slogan devised to understand how to bring butterflies back to the city. Everyone has found the right motivation to spread balconies, terraces and gardens with small plants suitable for butterflies, thus creating corridors for butterflies. Follow the flowers, sow butterfliesITALY:

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The focus was on the concept of biodiversity through the viewing of films but also and above all through the exploration of the territory. With the guidance of an expert, the students were able to understand what traditional, organic and zero-km agriculture is, the short supply chain, but also introduced the children to the biodiversity existing in our territory. They were able to grow vegetables, observe them closely and understand the botanical and dietary characteristics, as well as their seasonality but they were also able to learn about the diversity of the Earth's fruits, flora and fauna.


Exchange of postcards

At the proposal of the Greek school, in order to celebrate the European Day of Languages together, and as a means to promote the importance of language learning and protect linguistic heritage. The pupils prepared Christmas cards and sent them to each partner school. All the schools therefore sent and received greetings, much to the joy of the children. Messages were written for each postcard in native language and English. Finally, a giant poster was created in each school that will remember our collaboration!

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everyone at school in single file. This initiative has made families and students aware that even walking to school together can help reduce toxic gas emissions. The initiative was welcomed with enthusiasm by both students and families and aroused interest and curiosity on the part of citizens.

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