Custodians of Wonders

For we are the custodians of our planet. What wonders does nature reserve us? And what damages are we doing due to our carelessness and pollution? The portuguese students are contributing to a collaborative Padlet, in wich they share their own photos of wonderful places, or traces of lack of care. Check them out here:

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Get to know us!

To get to know a little more of our project's participant schools. visit the school pages. Let's give you a hint of what you can find there, shall we? [momentopress url=] Guess where is this school? One hint: it's portuguese. Videos, 360º photos and other content, because this project is as much about sustainability as connecting europeans.

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March 2021 online partner meeting

Today(23 March 2021), we had an online meeting to discuss the activities to be carried out according to the time line of the project. Each partner school will elaborate a digital work (canvas, PowerPoint, etc) dealing with the pollution issue(water, air, soil) and will share it using a Padlet board with the partners. We also decided to have the children create their own stories about pollution using an app for it(e.g., storyjumper). These stories w(ill be shared and studied/commented by other partners and students. We also talked about the current difficulties we are coping with mobilities and plans for the future and some changes. We consolidated all the activities carried out at our schools so far in spite of the pandemia which is keeping our schools closed. This piece of information is aimed at those who couldn't attend this meeting. If any question please feel…

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10 Things… 10 Things you might want to know about us. A short video to show all our pupils something about Portugal. Ten uis just the beginning. And remember, all together, we change the future.

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World water day!

For the water day celebration next week, I do recommend you this interesting film about the importance of water and the fight against water pollution- a very inspiring and rewarding activity! I also send a link to the action worldwide:

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World Wildlife Day 2021

I am sending the photos of the wildlife day event on 3 March 2021. We registered for this event and carried out activities about the Ecosystem in our garden where we created a corner for worms and bugs. Our children dug a hole where they put some remains of food (potatoes/carrots skins) for the worms. They covered it with dead leaves and left it to be eaten by the worms. They learned about the balance of these elements for the ecosystem and about natural fertilizers. Furthermore, they also watched some interesting films. It was very fruitful and the children enjoyed it! Thanks, Annamaria for sharing the information about this event. You can have a look on eTwinning or FB

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