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March 2021 online partner meeting

Today(23 March 2021), we had an online meeting to discuss the activities to be carried out according to the time line of the project. Each partner school will elaborate a digital work (canvas, PowerPoint, etc) dealing with the pollution issue(water, air, soil) and will share it using a Padlet board with the partners. We also decided to have the children create their own stories about pollution using an app for it(e.g., storyjumper). These stories w(ill be shared and studied/commented by other partners and students. We also talked about the current difficulties we are coping with mobilities and plans for the future and some changes. We consolidated all the activities carried out at our schools so far in spite of the pandemia which is keeping our schools closed. This piece of information is aimed at those who couldn’t attend this meeting. If any question please feel free to ask on the chat. Regards from Poland – E. Caraballo Cortes.