World Wildlife Day 2021

I am sending the photos of the wildlife day event on 3 March 2021. We registered for this event and carried out activities about the Ecosystem in our garden where we created a corner for worms and bugs. Our children dug a hole where they put some remains of food (potatoes/carrots skins) for the worms. They covered it with dead leaves and left it to be eaten by the worms. They learned about the balance of these elements for the ecosystem and about natural fertilizers. Furthermore, they also watched some interesting films. It was very fruitful and the children enjoyed it! Thanks, Annamaria for sharing the information about this event. You can have a look on eTwinning or FB

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Hello, world!

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Shall we begin? This will be the digital home of the Erasmus Project One Future for All. Teachers from Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Poland are joining efforts, sharing best practices, and conecting their students. The goal? To help buld a more sustainable future, empowering our students through technology and sustainability. Watch this space to keep in touch with this wild ride!

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